Saint Tropez

Outing to Saint Tropez Saint Tropez: the veritable capital of tourism in the Var region

Make the most of your stay at our 4-star Leï Suves campground and explore Saint Tropez. The Var’s capital of tourism is worth the effort!

You can start your visit at the port, where it is lovely to stroll and admire the yachts and splendid sail boats. Inside the citadel, the Maritime History Museum is packed with culture. The old town works its charm with its ochre-, yellow- and orange-coloured house facades. Here and there, you can find unexpected spots of greenery. The Saint Tropez chapels are a joy to behold, particularly the Saint-Anne chapel with its pure Provençal style and view overlooking the sea.
And don’t miss a visit to the famous Gendarmerie and Cinema museum or the Butterfly House which is unlike anywhere else in the world.
When you visit Saint Tropez, it’s a great opportunity to hop aboard a boat and admire the famous, sumptuous villas including Brigitte Bardot’s Madrague villa. Which beaches should you visit? Salins beach is a must, and is considered to be one of the village’s prettiest.

The summer season boasts numerous festivals: regattas, art exhibitions, music festivals and more.

Plan your trip to Saint Tropez to sightsee your way!

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