Porquerolles Island A magical place in the Mediterranean Sea

Porquerolles Island is the largest of the three Hyères islands. Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, it continues to charm. This as yet unspoilt island works its magic as soon as you step ashore. Only 10 minutes by boat from the Giens Point, it is easy to reach Porquerolles Island.

This is an ideal destination for a day spent with family and friends. Looking for the beaches and turquoise water? Head to the northern side of the island. Want to visit some attractions? You are spoilt for choice. The island is home to several forts including Sainte-Agathe, which is open to the public in summer. Above the village is the Bonheur windmill, which is well worth a stop. This typical Provençal windmill is in perfect condition. 
You can also visit and explore Porquerolles Island by bike. And hiking lets you fully enjoy the sumptuous landscapes and views over the Mediterranean. Water sports are not forgotten: jet ski, underwater diving and even sailing are available to enjoy.

Porquerolles Island remains one of the most beautiful natural sites on the French Riviera, like the Lérins islands. Think about a visit here during your holiday at Leï Suves campground!

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